Song of the Week–Hiss Golden Messenger–“Saturday’s Song”

Another busy year for MC Taylor, who continues to produce exceptionally good music. This years album “Bad Debt” was an early year favorite of ours, and now we can add this track “Saturday’s Song” to that list.

Perfect way to start a Friday night. A song that evokes the way everyone tends to celebrate the weekend. When Taylor belts “When Saturday comes I’m gonna heal myself”, one can only relate to that notion. Now that this track is here, this Saturday should be pretty great.

So kick back, have cold one, and look forward to September 9th when the HGM album Lateness of Dancers hits.


Song of the Week–Ought–“Today More Than Any Other Day”

Ought’s fantastic debut album, More Than Any Other Day, came out a couple months ago, but the video of the semi-title track was just released this week. We figured it was a perfect time to share a track that we tend to start every day out with.

No song this year has a better build up, and chilling climax. Motivating lyrics with just the perfect touch of sarcasm. Dah Dah Dah da Dah da Dah da da……will be in your head for days and you’ll thank us for it.


#Throwback Thursday-David Gray-Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

It’s hard to believe that David Gray’s White Ladder album was released over 15 years ago. Where does the time go? This week David released Mutineers, a nice album, I guess the kind you expect from David nowadays. Nothing groundbreaking but a familiar sound from a great and too often overlooked singer-songwriter. This Thursday we look back at Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. A song that sounds as great as it did 15 years ago. It’s definitely one of those songs you may have forgotten about but when you hear it, end up playing it on repeat for an afternoon.


Ryan Adams–New Single Alert!!

Wow. Great way to start the weekend.

DRA announced a new single “Gimme Something Good”. Waiting 3 years is tough, but we are hoping the song lives up to its name. Furthermore it appears a new album later this year is on the way. We are pumped!

Pre-sale on the 7″ is on at his site.


Song of the Week–Spoon–“Rent I Pay”

After blogging videos have surfaced from recent sets of Spoon, they finally pulled the trigger. The first polished taste of what’s to come on their 8th studio album. They Want My Soul ,dropped this week, and “Rent I Pay” was worth the wait

I mean listen to this track. Pure drum and guitar impact. In perfect Spoon fashion the track builds perfectly without going over the top. Gives us chills.


#ThrowbackThursday Led Zeppelin II

As Led Zeppelin reissues many albums this week, let’s reflect on what is arguably “the best of the best”.

Of course we are talking about II.

Is there any better opener on an album to this date than, “Whole Lotta Love? Is there any better ballad on an album than “Thank You”? Is there any better song than “Ramble On”?

We can go on and on. Fact is, if you don’t know it, you better. Led Zeppelin’s whole catalog speaks volumes, but II is the hand that turns it up.


Genius or Joke – PSY – “Hangover”

I mean really? Hangover? What a perfectly titled song. After hearing 1 minute of this “song” my head started to feel like the morning after St Paddys. If you are gonna be a one hit wonder why ruin someone else’s career? Over 22 Million views on YouTube while talented musicians travel town to town trying to build up a following? The song is so ridiculous I’ve tried to listen 3 times and can’t get past the 1st minute mark. I don’t know how much Snoop Dog got paid but it wasn’t enough. Anyone that actually bought this or likes this song has no place following our blog.

This is without question the biggest joke we’ve seen and Snoop Dog and PSY are laughing all the way to the bank.

Please feel free to torture your ears and see if you can make it past the 1 minute mark. We know we can’t.