The Kooks – Concert Review – Terminal 5 – July 29, 2014

Making our way in to Terminal 5 on Tuesday night we started to wonder how many people were actually going to show up to see The Kooks. The local watering holes showed little signs of normal pre-gaming with a concert to start in a few hours. Outside the venue only a handful of people were scattered about and bouncers seemed bored. As we got our ticket scanned I noticed a “Sold Out!” sign on the wall. Walking up the quick tunnel, past the merch, and straight on to the double doors I started to doubt the sign. As we entered the venue it became quite evident what we had been observing for the past couple of hours. Everyone was already there! No cool crowd showing up just as the first song is played, nah, they were already geared up for the catchy as hell pop rock of The Kooks.

As the lights dropped and The Kooks took the stage you could just get that feeling,….this was gonna be a fun night. Opening with a new song Down, Luke Pritchard immediately started channeling his inner Mick Jagger, bouncing and strutting all over stage. Everyone seemed to be digging the moves and tune.
The Kooks then ripped in to two of their more popular songs Ooh La and Always Where I Need to Be. They definitely set the tone for the night and got the show started off on the right foot. The crowd responded by bouncing, dancing, and singing at the top of their lungs.

After the first three songs it was clear the gents in the crowd were greatly outnumbered by the ladies. The crowd was a mix of gangs of 20 something girls and groups of bromancing dudes. You also could notice the random parent trying to not cramp their kids space.

As the set continued The Kooks slowed it down with a few acoustic numbers. To our surprise this was probably the weakest moment of the show. For whatever reason it seemed like the moment at a party where a song kills the momentum off the party and everyone starts rushing to skip the song. Luke did save the set by performing a heartfelt monster sing along with Seaside. After this it was back on with the party.

The Kooks kept cranking out the songs that people came to hear and sing along to. Bad Habit played well live, and any song off of Inside In / Inside Out was met with great enthusiasm and fanfare.

The Kooks ran away and came back for their encore. As expected they closed with Naive. By this time everyone knew the end was near and let The Kooks have it. Seemed like everyone was now on someone’s shoulders, arms extended serenading the crowd “I know, she knows”. How else could the night end.

The Kooks much to everyone’s delight left everyone at Terminal 5 satisfied with a raucous, frat party-esque night of dancing, jamming, and singing. Lots of fun from a band still with a lot to offer. Definitely do not miss the chance to see them live. Great night out, you couldn’t be disappointed.

Ooh La
Always Where I Need to Be
See the World
It Was London
She Moves in Her Own Way
Eddie’s Gun
Around Town
Melody Maker (Acoustic)
Seaside (Acoustic)
You Don’t Love Me
Bad Habit
See the Sun
Forgive & Forget
Sofa Song
Junk of the Heart (Happy)
Do You Wanna





Song of the Week–Spoon– “Inside Out”

Was a tough call for us this week, but we had to go with Spoon again. The singles dropped from the upcoming album They Want My Soul may hold true to the fact that this may be their best album yet

“Inside Out” is an over produced gem, and in typical Spoon fashion, makes you wonder how well it’s played live. The bass line is rhythmic paired with the never relenting beat. Really unlike anything we have heard from them before.


Ryan Adams–“Stay With Me”

DRA debuted a new song from his upcoming self titled album. He mentioned Huey Lewis and the News classic Sports prior to playing the track. Comparably the song plays like a late 80’s rocker that send chills through your spine with an exciting chorus and great bridge.

You can tell the new album will be reflective of his work with the Cardinals. More electric, less acoustic.

We’ll be at the show in Camden, NJ this weekend. Stay tuned for our full review and analysis. In the meantime check out the new track below from his first show of the season in Portland, Maine.


#Throwback Thursday – Primal Scream – Loaded

There is a great documentary on Netflix about the history of Creation Records. The interviews and retrospect for a different time in the music industry are fascinating as well as entertaining. The amount of talented people that Alan McGee had on his small label was quite remarkable.

One of the first successful acts for the label was Primal Scream, headed by Bobby Gillespie. With the release of Screamadelica in 1991, the Scottish band would break out in to a completely different drug fueled sound where influences can still be heard in the EDM of today. Screamadelica sounds as fresh as it did in 1991……that can hardly be said for many 90’s albums.

Here is Loaded off of Screamadelica:


#Throwback Thursday – Morrissey – Speedway

The Moz released his 10th solo album this week, World Peace Is None of Your Business. The album is a much welcomed release in what has been a relatively quiet summer for new music. If you are a fan you will easily find a few tracks that will satisfy your Morrissey self loathing needs. Staircase at the University is a happy sounding tune about a student committing suicide due to the pressures of schooling. Only Morrissey could have you bopping your head to a song about suicide. To celebrate Moz’s 5 year hiatus, Speedway.