#Throwback Thursday – Neil Young – Unknown Legend

From Neil Young’s acoustic “comeback” album Harvest Moon. Absolute great song. This version is from MTV unplugged. I can remember wearing out that cassette tape in my teens. Sadly this is written about his wife he is now divorcing. Always thought if Stephen Hawking could get divorced twice, yes TWICE!!! What hope is there for any of us.


RIP World Peace Is None Of Your Business

The Morrissey soap opera continues. This week his latest album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, was pulled from pretty much everywhere. I was shocked to discover when looking to play a tune from the new album that it was gone.


The Moz has never avoided but rather swirls in controversy. This past year has truly been beyond bizarre, even by Morrissey standards. Mystery illness, cancelled tour, great new album, new tour, album disappears. If it wasn’t Morrissey it might be bigger news. Now it just seems expected that chaos will follow whatever he does. I hope that this record label mess gets cleaned up soon so we can get back to enjoying World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Until then you’ll have to find a hard copy of the album or find it on YouTube.

Always feel the need to include this photo.



Guest Spot–New Music from Moonface–“City Wrecker”

Our guest spot this week come from an old high school friend.

“Don’t know if you are familiar with Moonface but I am sure you know Spencer Krug at least from Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, etc. I really dig his stuff and he has a new EP coming out in September. This is the first release off of it.”

We are very familiar with Spencer Krug
Wolf Parade‘s Apologies to the Queen Mary is one of the best albums of the last decade. Thanks for the new music Matt Dixon!!!


Song of the Week–Allo Darlin’–“Romance and Adventure”

In what is a more dark and colorful lyrics than say Allo Darlin’s self titled debut in 2010, “Romance and Adventure” is a beautiful concoction about anything other.

A far cry from “Dreaming” while still maintaining their melodic pop goodness, the song plays well. “Put on the shelf replaced with someone else”, the London based group then breaks down, while singer Elizabeth Morris claims ” I’m just tired of being strong”. Paired with a nice riff it’s a bit deranged format than what what we are used to hearing from them. New album hits in October