A Tale of Two Concerts: Ryan Adams At Carnegie Hall and Hammerstein Ballroom

A Tale of Two Concerts: Ryan Adams

Carnegie Hall
Saturday November 15th 2014

Carnegie Hall is one of the most esteemed venues. It’s historic, well-constructed, and full of intricate details that sometimes require you to look further into what’s in front of you. There is also a certain aura about the place, helped by the rules and regulations that preserve so much of its integrity throughout its existence. In many ways, the venue is very similar to Ryan Adams himself, and indicative of his performance there on Saturday November 15th (more…)


Do They Know It’s Christmas? 2014 Version

This new recording comes 30 years after the epic original. Recorded on Saturday and quickly released today, this single looks to raise awareness and money for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. A who’s who of singers includes Chris Martin, Seal, One Direction, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, and of course Bono. The new single has reworked lyrics and is a good listen. Still hard to beat the original but any song for a good cause is cool with us.


Jamie T – Concert Review – Newcastle Academy November 3, 2014

We got boots all over the world! Here is a review of Jamie T live at Newcastle Academy by Ed Ross

In the interests of full disclosure I’m a massive Jamie T fan. I suppose in the literal sense of the word as well. Particularly back in the heady days of 2007, a time when I used to sit and play poker all day with the radio on, and when I first heard ‘Sheila’ from this young Joe Strummer/Mike Skinner wannabe upstart. (more…)