Blur Announce New Album The Magic Whip

Blur surprised fans last week with announcement of a new album, a teaser track and imminent gigs in Scotland, Wales and London’s Hyde Park.
It’s the latest twist in eclectic career that has seen frequent backward looking reunion gigs which even guitarist Graham Coxon admitted were “becoming tedious” without new material.
The new album, The Magic Whip, has been billed as an experimental album, partially constructed from jam sessions in a Hong Kong basement featuring all four original members for the first time on a long-player since Blur’s 1999 album 13. (more…)

#Throwback Thursday – Fats Domino

Today is Fats Domino’s 87th birthday. One of the original Rock n Roll stars, it’s hard to believe songs like Blueberry Hill, I’m Walking, and Ain’t That A Shame, could be viewed as controversial or dangerous. The early hysteria surrounding Rock n Roll is dumbfounding and pretty funny looking through the eyes of someone born 30 years after its inception. To think Buddy Holly and Fats Domino were regarded as the Marilyn Manson’s of their era is fall on the floor funny.  (more…)

George Harrison On Saturday Night Live

#Throwback Thursday – Paul Simon & George Harrison – SNL

Following the epic 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, we decided to take a look at one of the most iconic performances in SNL’s storied history.  In only the second season of SNL, George Harrison was the musical guest as Paul Simon hosted for the second time.  Harrison followed up on the season 1 gag of trying to collect $3,000 from Lorne Michaels, if the Beatles performed.  Harrison and Simon teamed up to perform two songs together, Here Comes the Sun and Homeward Bound. (more…)


#Throwback Thursday – Beck

If I told you the main story following the 2015 Grammys would be a debate surrounding artistry, it might make sense. The Grammys are often controversial for favoring popular mainstream acts over up and coming musicians. But if I told you this debate around artistry was in regards to the talent and creativity of Beck, you would probably call me crazy. But that is exactly what has taken place thanks to the annoying, overrated auto tuned Mr. Kardashian. (more…)