Van Halen Announces Tour, Live Album, New Album, Plays Jimmy Kimmel Live

Well that is a lot of Van Halen news!

Van Halen released their first live album with David Lee Roth today, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert. If you thought that was all the news that would be coming out of the Van Halen camp you would be mistaken. The band also announced plans for a tour and a new album to be released in 2015. Oh yeah, they also played Jimmy Kimmel Live and had part of Hollywood Blvd shut down. Quite a day for the 80’s/90’s Rock legends.  (more…)


The Stranglers – Concert Review – Glasgow O2 Academy – March 28 2015

“I love the bass – it’s really fat and loud,” says the gangly teenager swaying conspicuously amongst the ageing (aged?!) punks at the final leg of The Stranglers spring 2015 tour at Glasgow’s O2 Academy as he forms his first impressions of a still ice-cool Jean-Jacques Burnel.

“Aye, son, he’s one of the originals,” says his sage companion.  (more…)

Song of the Week–Mas Ysa–“Look Up”

Thomas Arsenault’s young career as musician, composer, and visual artist is gaining traction.  His brand of synth pop has been world renowned and continues to thrive with his new single “Look Up”

“Look Up” has so many different textures to it. From simplistic acoustic guitar strumming , to propelling helicopter sounds, to interestingly placed keyboard work, so many nice tidbits make up a complete track.

Listen below:



Gig Preview: MAGNERS Summer Nights 6th-28th August 2015

Summer festivals can be hit and miss affairs, particularly Across The Pond.
With the right weather and timing you can have a trancendent experience of wall-to-wall tunes and hedonism, but a combination of unwelcome showers, too much booze, useless cellphone connectivity, a wrong turn and the wrong pitch for your tent could mean you find yourself covered in mud and puke, mugged, penniless, and standing alone because you’ve lost all your mates. (more…)

Song of the Week–Turnover–“Cutting My Fingers Off”

Breakups are hard to take, just ask  Turnover frontman Austin Gentz.  The Virginia bands first single off their sophomore release, Peripheral Vision  (2015, Run For Cover), is a heartbreaking tune with a dope riff.   A simplistic track that follows their pop punk ways.  A dying breed, it’s one of the better tracks we have heard in that genre this year.  Looking forward to the new album.