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#Throwback Thursday – King Harvest – Dancing In The Moonlight

King Harvest is the trivia answer to “Who sings this song?” That question always seems to be asked by someone every time this song comes on.  Although commonly mistaken for a Van Morrison song, it has that feel and sound you know, it is truly a one hit wonder from the early 1970’s band King Harvest, but man….what a one hit to have.  King Harvest have a bizarre background story that is worth checking out on Wikipedia or their site.

Dancing In The Moonlight, is the definition of easy listening.  It is by far one of the catchiest and easiest songs to listen to.  A crowd favorite of any backyard BBQ or generational gathering, with this tune on its simply impossible to not tap your foot or just be in a cheerful mood.  So turn up those speakers, grab a cocktail, and start dancing in the moonlight.



3 thoughts on “#Throwback Thursday – King Harvest – Dancing In The Moonlight

  1. Amazing song! Takes me back to my childhood. Yep, my parents listened to the good stuff, so I listened, too. Now, such good music has been passed on to my kids.

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