Future Islands Return to Letterman

A little over a year ago we stumbled upon Future Islands. Too be honest we didn’t know what to make of Samuel T. Herring and his deranged stage act. One thing we knew for sure, was the band was great and Herring was even better. His maniacal dance moves and demonic guttural screams created such a unique sound and visual.

When Future Islands played David Letterman last year they blew him away as well. Dave was overcome with enthusiasm for the band. This time around is no different. Check out Future Islands new song “The Chase” live on Letterman.


Song of the Week: PINS–“Young Girls”

The Manchester, UK band has their second album, Wild Nights, coming June 5th via Bella Union.  “Young Girls” is a melodic tune with a great hook. Singer/guitarist Faith Holgate belts out “what will we do when our dreams come true?”  It seems like preparing oneself for the possibility of success and fulfillment.  Something PINS may have to do when creating songs like this. (more…)


Record Store Day 2015

In what’s becoming a bigger letdown every year due to the lack of quality music (mostly because of pressing), we at BOTC wish you a happy RSD 2015.

What did you pick up (or tried to) today?  We grabbed the new Built to Spill album Untethered Moon and Johnny Cash live from Prague.  Missed out on a few as usual such as Brand New’s repressing of Deja Entendu and Father John Misty single.

Each year seem to be missing out on more than we are getting.  Defeats the purpose of supporting local record stores no?  What you think?


Song of the Week-The Tallest Man on Earth-“Dark Bird Is Home”

Kristian Matsson has hit it out of the park with this gem. The title track to his new album “Dark Bird Is Home” is as promised, Matsson at his most personal.  An honest piece, “Bird” speaks of the highs and lows of life, with a spiritual touch.  His voice flowing fluently with the acoustic riff before going off an a gorgeous instrumental in the end after an exhausted  “Oh Fuck”.  He has tried in his last album, but on “Bird” we offically see the use of other instruments finally working for him.  (more…)