Song of the Week: Roadside Graves “Gospel Radio”

It’s a great week for NJ. Glen Rock’s Titus Andronicus realesed one of the best albums of the year.  Furthermore, The Gaslight Anthem was put on indefinite hiatus (they need to regroup) and now Metuchen’s own Roadside Graves are back with their first new single in 4 years “Gospel Radio”. The band, who has a new record deal with Don Giovanni Records will release their 5th effort, Acne/Ears, later this year.

The song is a different tone from their mostly folk-rock agenda. It has a nice build up paired with flowing synths, and by the end pounding drums, and flailing guitars.  Frontman John Gleason’s voice is as addictive as ever. Welcome back boys!

Night Beds

Song of the Week: Night Beds “Corner”

What we have come to know from Winston Yellon is an alt folk vibe, most shown on his debut album Country Sleep.  On his new single “Corner” it appears as if he has turned one, going for a more looped R&B vibe that suits his voice well.   It’s a nice change of pace, and could flow nicely with his roots on his new album, Ivywild, out August 7th via Dead Oceans.  I can’t help but think of one of my favorite bands, Local Natives, when listening to this track.  Check it out.


#Throwback Thursday U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday Live at Red Rocks

By far the first U2 song I was obsessed with, Sunday Bloody Sunday. The song described by Bono as “not a rebel song” is still one of U2’s best tracks. This clip is taken from their live album Live At Red Rocks.

The real take away from this performance is how much of a stage presence Bono had right from the start of their career. U2 would further explode on the world stage after their Live Aid performance coupled with The Joshua Tree being released a few years later. This performance shows an early glimpse of what Bono would later become known for as the front man of U2. A theatrical, political, and a somewhat televangelist that could get an entire crowd to rally behind whatever he was selling. You also get to see The Edge with hair, Bono with a mullet, and Adam Clayton with a perm. This video is a great early sneak peak of what U2 would soon become, the biggest band in the world.

Seeing them tonight at MSG, review to follow.


Is Britain Being Punished For The Beatles?

Who doesn’t like The Beatles, eh?

The band released a staggering 12 albums in eight years with a range so eclectic that everyone must have a favourite Beatles track.
Even your most ardent rocker still fighting the 1960s Beatles Vs Stones war like the last soldier on a desert island must by now admit a grudging respect for some of their later long-haired-and-moustachioed output at least.

Well, Steve Jobs hated The Beatles…or at least his lawyers did. (more…)


#Throwback Thursday – The Faces

After watching yesterday’s clip of Rod Stewart with James Corden describing his time with The Faces as a time of “drinking and shagging” it got me thinking; how underrated are The Faces? The real faces of The Faces are rock legends Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood. If you are not familiar with The Faces, they are an extremely tight knit group with deep roots in bluesy rock.  (more…)


Rod Stewart Car Karaoke 

I haven’t seen much of James Corden’s late night show but this is a pretty good skit he has developed. He drives around musical guests and sings along with them to their tunes. So far Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Hudson, and now Rod Stewart have all partaken in this silly skit. Rod is absolutely hilarious in this. “Drinking and Shaggin” is how he describes his time with The Faces, an understatement if there ever was one. Here is the whole clip and good luck not singing along.