Song of the Week: Ne-Hi “Turncoat”

This is truly an up and coming band with a bunch of promise. Ne-Hi’s Mikey Welles explains the video to their new single “Turncoat” perfectly below:

 “It just kinda tries to reflect the story of feeling in that atmosphere, this Midwestern atmosphere. People eyeing you growing up like kinda working dudes that do outdoor things, a lot of isolation, a lot of decay in these factory towns in the Midwest, and kind of like reflecting on [how] the environment reflects that person a little bit, isolated. It’s kinda sad, but then there’s also joy in isolation.”

This Chicago band discriptively displays their origin in both music and video here.  Enjoy!


James – Concert Review – Magners Summer Nights – Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens, 26 August 2015

Tim Booth, charismatic singer of Manchester survivors James, has some rules.
In the words of the band’s set opener at Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens, he will not walk like you or screw like you – no matter how much you try and force him.

And, most importantly, if you want to get up close to share in his rapturous energy then there must be “no fucking phones”.

Booth is a one man fairground, writhing and spinning across the stage in his trademark dervish dance and belting out his impressive vocal range which rises and dips like a rollercoaster from baritone to falsetto.

He also gets his fans involved, standing aloft amongst the audience during She’s A Star and inviting a dozen brave souls onstage for a dance-off during an extended ceilidh-style version of Out To Get You. (more…)


Song of the Week: Julien Baker “Something”

Julien Baker once performed this song in a parking lot and every time I think of that I can’t get the image of her alone and desolate like she describes in “Something”.  The song is about a significant other driving away and the regret of not articulating feeling.  She relays that emotion perfectly here.  Pair that with a gorgeous riff and you have yourself a hit.  Enjoy


Stream It!: Destroyer “Poison Season”

Check out our former Song of the Week artist Destroyer’s new album “Poison Season”


Poison Season Tracklist:
01. Times Square, Poison Season
02. Dream Lover
03. Forces From Above
04. Hell
05. The River
06. Girl in a Sling
07. Times Square
08. Archer on the Beach
09. Midnight Meet the Rain
10. Solace’s Bride
11. Bangkok
12. Sun in the Sky
13. Times Square, Poison Season II


#Throwback Thursday – GNR – November Rain

November Rain continues to be overlooked as one of the best rock songs of the 90’s. The epic nine minute song breaks all the rules for what should make a hit song. When GNR released the Use Your Illusion albums, CDs were still being sold in long cardboard packaging, remember that?

Released in 1992, November Rain was a complete departure from the Appetite For Destruction “GNR” sound. From Axl’s delicate piano intro to an orchestral arrangement to Slash’s 3 guitar solos, November Rain is rock excess at its finest. Band members have spoken about this song in numerous interviews and stated that Axl had been messing around with this song since 1983 but just didn’t know how to finish it. Whenever he had spare time or a piano was near, he would be tinkering with it.  As fans of GNR know, with Axl nothing comes easy or fast. The band also fought Axl hard on this song, with many of the members struggling with the idea of using an orchestral arrangement and still keeping their rock image that had been well established. In the end Axl won, as if there would ever be a doubt.  (more…)


Song of the Week: FIDLAR “Drone”

Theses dudes continue to wow.  The third single “Drone” from the anticipated sophomore release “Too” has the same firey melodic tone we expect.   It’s so hard not to love this band.  They are fun, energetic, and don’t give a fuck.  Three things rock and roll was made for.

Check out the wacky”Drone”video below.  With summer winding down lets not forget about the summer anthem of 2015 “West Coast”, new version below.  Peace.



#Throwback Thursday – The Wrecking Crew

Netflix has a ton of great documentaries, especially musical ones. I stumbled across the story of The Wrecking Crew the other night and was blown away. I knew they were the session band for most of Phil Spectors Wall of Sound recordings, but I didn’t realize they played on so many other songs and albums, notably the Beach Boys Pet Sounds.

The movie is similar to the must see Documentary 20 Feet From Stardom, in that you can’t believe how many great songs they played on. Here’s just a few….He’s A Rebel, I Get Around, I Got You Babe, Monday Monday, Strangers In The Night, Mrs. Robinson, Aquarius, Cracklin Rosie…and on and on. Basically if you ever liked a song in the 60’s or 70’s you should be a fan of the Wrecking Crew.

Definitely check out the documentary and here are my favorite’s:  (more…)