Album Review – New Order – Music Complete

Electro Indie legends New Order have returned with a new album Music Complete – and it hasn’t been off my iPod since its release on Friday.

It’s hard to put a finger on what make this album so damn infectious. It’s not immediately engaging, bits of it are downright weird, some of its lyrics are pretty naff, and there’s a few of those lazy indie tracks that presaged their 10 year hiatus, but as a whole it’s pretty solid New Order album – probably the most solid they’ve made since the early 90s. (more…)


Top 10 James Bond Themes Of All Time

Sam Smith released the new Bond theme song, “Writing’s On The Wall” for the upcoming Spectre film today. This immediately had us thinking, “Where does this rank all-time in the Bond theme song hierarchy?” Immediately we started rummaging through the eclectic Bond catalog, and decided to rank the Bond theme songs to determine Sam Smith’s place. Unfortunately for Sam Smith, his new song did not crack the Top 10. Here is our definitive Top 10 Bond Theme Songs of All-Time. What do you think? (more…)


Pearl Jam Rock Out On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Luckily the Ed Sullivan Theater was recently renovated because Pearl Jam absolutely tore the roof of that mother.  Eddie and the boys ripped through a couple of songs in preparation for the Global Citizen Festival this Saturday. The Global Citizen Festival has been around for a few years and this is by far the best lineup they have ever had, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Beyoncé, & Pearl Jam. If you are going to that show you are a luckier man than I, and most of all I hope it’s a great show (I also will accept any extra tickets haha).

I hope Stephen Colbert is not going to be performing with bands too often. Fallon does this a ton and I find it distracting and annoying. Can’t we just see the bands without some fanboys joining in for the chorus? Apologies for the Clint Eastwood “Get off my lawn!” old man rant.

Enjoy Eddie and the boys!

Keep On Rockin In The Free World

Mind Your Manners


Genius or Joke?: Ryan Adams “1989”

For Christmas last year, some of my co-workers bought me Taylor Swifts “1989” as a joke. After months of hearing about Swifts album and all my colleagues singing “Haters gonna hate hate hate”, I wanted to jump out the window of my 48th floor. Instead I brought the album home to my wife (who is a huge fan), and she would blast it in the car while my kids would shake their heads to “Shake it Off”. Every time I got in the car myself, it would be there, haunting me. After about 25 times or so, I started to leave the album on. I was starting to actually enjoy it and I hated myself for it. Consistently I found myself playing “I Wish You Would” over and over again. If “1989” wasn’t playing in my car when I got in to drive, I would put it on. I was slowly becoming a Swifty.

So you can imagine when I heard that Ryan Adams (one of my favorite artists) was covering the album, I was as happy as can be. However as a big DRA fan, we know he could be a jokester, and that maybe this wasn’t to be taken seriously. Then when he released “Bad Blood” last week I knew this wasn’t just some joke. It was real, and it was gorgeous.

Listening to the album in full and what transpires is a thoughtful, emotional, and powerful rendition of Swifts music. The subtly of “Blank Space” and the slow stick beat to “Shake It Off” might be some of the best things I have heard all year.

There is a creative genius at work here on a pop icon, and we wonder how this even transpired. In truth this is a great move for both parties. On one side you have Swift converting old farts like me into liking and APPRECIATING her music. On the other, you have Adams showcasing his talent to a younger generation, hopefully sparking an appreciation for independent artists. Lastly you have the stream game. Swifts “1989” is only on Apple Music, while Adams “1989” is streaming on Spotify. This allows the album in general to get more exposure across multiple platforms.

So is this Genius or Joke? I think you know how we feel: Ryan Adams has done it again. Furthermore, and more importantly, I have come out of this respecting Taylor Swift more than ever. I will be listening to both albums for some time, and no longer am I ashamed to say it!!


Song of the Week: The Kickback “White Lodge”

After 9+ years as a band, The Kickback finally released their first full length album, “Sorry All Over The Place” on Friday.  The second single “White Lodge” is a stunning, energetic, and brute force.  Originally released in mid June, we are breaking the rules and naming it our SOTW.  After all, the album hit on Friday and we wanted to ask The Kickback….What took so long?  Oh, and with great tracks like this, please don’t wait that long to make another record.  Go check out the new album people!!


Ryan Adams “Bad Blood” Cover

Initially when we heard, “Ryan Adams was reinterpreting Taylor Swift’s 1989 album as his own” we assumed it was a joke. Well, guess again. One of BOTC’s favorite musicians ever, did exactly that.

Set for release this Monday on ITunes, Ryan has recast Swift’s mega Pop album as his own. Pairing subtle, stripped down guitar play with his heartbreaker voice, the end product is something completely amazing. Ryan adds so much emotion to such timeless lyrics as “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes” and “You know it used to be mad love” that it’s hard not to laugh and cry. Skeptics beware though, this somehow is really good. Honestly though, what else would you expect from Ryan Adams?


#Throwback Thursday – The English Beat – Save It For Later

Depending where you live will greatly influence how you refer to this band. In the U.S. they are known as the English Beat, in Britain The Beat, and Australia The British Beat. Whatever you call them, you would be hard pressed to call them anything other than a solid band.  Mixing Ska, punk pop, and reggae The English Beat produce a unique feel good sound.

By far my favorite song is Save It For Later. This is another track made famous for me by The Kingpin soundtrack, damn that was a good soundtrack. It has also recently been used in the cinematic classic Hot Tub Time Machine. Great tune and good luck not putting this on repeat.