The Corrs – Concert Review – Glasgow – January 26 2016

To misquote Primal Scream: “On this website you will read gospel, and rhythm and blues, and jazz, and ’90s Celtic girlie pop.”
Are we doing this? Yes, we are! It’s The Corrs at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro.

Back in the ’90s The Corrs slotted somewhere between the cartoonish commercialism of The Spice Girls and the studied grungieness of All Saints (aka Mrs Liam Prodigy and ex-Mrs Liam Oasis plus two other chicks).

However, they weren’t your average girl band. One of them was a bloke, for a start.

They were siblings, and they played their own instruments to an insanely high standard. Andrea, Sharon and Caroline were, and still are, all smokin’ hot (Mama Corr had some good genes).

And as they demonstrated in Glasgow they actually did, and still do, rock.
Their songs were never off the radio in ’90s but rarely outstayed their welcome, always extremely well written and produced with an undercurrent of Celtic folk.
A large proportion of the Glasgow set was made up of traditional Irish folk instrumentals and also a song in Gaelic, demonstrating that behind the chart friendly ditties, glam dresses and eyeliner they’re actually an Irish folk band at heart.

Singer Andrea, now a 41-year-old mother of two, is still waifishly thin and as light on her feet as a teenage ballerina.

“Ah luv you Andrea, will you marry me?” shouted one over-excited Glaswegian admirer (I took Mrs Across The Pond as a Corr-istmas present, incidentally).

“With that accent it would a possibility if I wasn’t already spoken for,” came the reply, before wincing at an inaudible but apparently “scary” follow up.
Sharon switches effortlessly from violin to keyboard and backing vocals, and Caroline proves you don’t have to be drooling goon with a sweatband and ‘tache to pound the drums like a demon.
During the folk sections she emerges centre stage sitting on a cajon and rattling a bodhran in traditional Irish style, and even turns her hand to the piano at one point without ever breaking a sweat or smudging her eyeliner.
Her floor tom sounds like it has a hundred tons of TNT packed in (at the risk of abusing an Irish stereotype) during Dreams, adding audible thunder to the moody Fleetwood Mac cover.
The Corrs are currently promoting a new album, and judging by the sample in Glasgow it’s just as solid as their first outings with perhaps a touch of maturity.
Their early singles were just as big a feature of the 90s as Wonderwall and Country House, and often surpassed them in musicality and mass-appeal.
Not that I’m ready to ditch my Oasis and Blur albums just yet, but fair play to The Corrs. They almost made me a ’90s Celtic girlie pop fan.
After all: “Those are just labels. We know that music is music.”

Set list
I Do What I Like

Give Me a Reason

Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Bring on the Night

What Can I Do


Lough Erin Shore / Trout in the Bath / Joy of Life


With Me Stay

Ellis Island

Buachaill Ón Éirne

Love to Love You

Only When I Sleep

Queen of Hollywood


Kiss of Life

I Never Loved You Anyway

So Young


White Light


Toss the Feathers