#Throwback Thursday- Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia 

Last week Green Day released a new track “Bang, Bang” from their upcoming album Revolution Radio due out October 7th. After their over indulging Uno Dos Tre albums, many are hoping this new album will be a return to form for Green Day, when they unexpectedly became the most important band in the world.

2004’s American Idiot is Green Day’s career defining album. Following their initial burst on the music scene with Dookie, Green Day slowly drifted towards irrelevance. American Idiot would catapult the band to heights never imagined and maybe to true fans of the band, not welcomed. Green Day was always labeled the sell out punk band but following American Idiot, they were truly sellouts…selling out arenas, stadiums, festivals, and Broadway shows.

American Idiot is a rock opera inspired partly by The Wall and Tommy. American Idiot appealed to the tattooed, nose ring, dyed hair millennials that were disenfranchised with modern America. “Jesus of Suburbia” tackles many of these feelings and emotions in an epic 5 part 9 minute rant. This is by far Green Day’s most important and amazing piece of music. No longer singing about masturbation, Green Day tackled all the important issues of George Bush’s post 9/11 America.

The fact that this album became so popular while railing against modern media and the Bush war machine is remarkable. Just ask the Dixie Chicks what happened to their career for being “Anti-Bush”.  Here is the epic Jesus of Suburbia, crank it up.

Jesus of Suburbia five parts:

I. “Jesus of Suburbia” (0:00 – 1:51)

II. “City of the Damned” (1:51 – 3:42)

III. “I Don’t Care” (3:42 – 5:25)

IV. “Dearly Beloved” (5:25 – 6:30)

V. “Tales of Another Broken Home” (6:30 – 9:10)