#Throwback Thursday – Rolling Stones – Gimmie Shelter

Trying to rank the greatest Rolling Stones songs is like trying to rank the best baseball players of all time, everyone has their favorite. But Gimmie Shelter equates to the Babe Ruth of songs. Of all the the Rolling Stones song Gimmie Shelter is the great Bambino of Rock n Roll. The wailing guitar, explosive harmonica, and most of all Merry Clayton’s insane vocals make this song the piece de resistance of The Stones. The story of a pregnant Merry Clayton showing up late in the evening of a Manhattan recording studio with curlers in her hair to nail the legendary “Rape Murder…Its Just a Shot Away” is what makes rock n roll stories legendary. The video below describes the scene when she showed up at the studio, and on the recording you can still hear Mick Jagger yell “Whooooo” after she crushes that refrain.  Best vocals ever, the crack in her vocals makes it. Plus she had the attitude of a true Diva with this comment:

“Mmmhmmm I’m gonna do another one and blow them out of this room” – Merry Clayton