Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher New Song “Wall of Glass”

What the world has been waiting for….maybe? Wall of Glass is the first track to be released from the former Oasis front mans solo effort, As You Were. After a lackluster effort with Beady Eye, Liam is hoping to rise to prominence and relevance again in the now barren wasteland that is rock music. 

Last night Liam debuted most of the album to an emotional Manchester crowd assembled for a tribute to the victims of the recent concert terrorist attack in Manchester. While the new songs sound promising, time will only tell if Liam will rise again to rock superstardom. Odds are definitely against him but we are hoping. If anything his voice sounds much improved from his embarrassing Olympic performance. So the question begs, is Liam fully back? Take a listen for yourself. As you were…..

bonus Oasis track from benefit This will definitely be worth seeing him when he comes around