Song of the Week: Sturgill Simpson “Welcome To Earth (Polywogg)”

Anyone as blessed as myself to have a son as your first born, you know a bond like no other. It’s amazing and a blessing to see him grow from a baby to a boy to a…   god I can’t even think about it further without getting too emotional.

Sturgill’s new album A Sailor’ Guide To Earth, is full of personal odes of love, family, life, and most importantly Goldeneye on N64. However, this opening track, is up there with some of the best from a father to a son. It’s definitely right there with two of my favorites in Cat Stevens “Father and Son” and Conor Oberst’s “You Are Your Mother’s Child” amoungst others.
Listen below. It surely hits home.  Which is the most important place to be.


Song of the Week: Told Slant “Low Hymnal”

In what is easily one of my favorite tracks of the year thus far, Told Slant does their best National impression.  Felix Walworth early on is in despair stating “Why don’t you comfort me?” The song progresses with a slight guitar rift, and pressing drums, sort of imitating the lyrical progression. Finallly ending with determination… “Felix, you can battering ram this life”


Song of the Week:  Music Band “Fortune Guns”

Life certainly has its ups and downs. Will today bring good or not so good and what vibes allude to either?  That seems to be the premise of the new single from Nashville’s own Music Band. Nashville has really been producing some great bands that stay true to rock and roll. Music Band seems no different. This is a band to watch going forward. Their new album, Wake Up Laughing, is out 4/1 on Infinity Cat.


Song of the Week:  Modern Baseball “Everyday”

Following up 2014’s excellent You’re Gonna Miss It All, MB returns this year with Holy Ghost  (out 5/13 via Run For Cover).  Their first single “Everyday” (paired with “Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind” as a dual release) is an emotional roller coaster. The track really hits home at the bridge, ending with the relevant lines “Waking up everyday is all about doing things you don’t want to do”.   Closing with a sense of aspiration, stating  “You’re rewarded — you get to wake up.”

Both tracks are a darker more mature side we have not seen from the band. They really are proving to be the best in their genre.  Holy Ghost should only further emphasize that. Looking forward to them proving us right!  Check out both tracks below.


Song of the Week:  Frightened Rabbit “Death Dream”

This is a BOTC exclusive, as FR just realesed this track  a few hours ago.  From the band:

“This is the start of letting go. We’re incredibly excited to give you the first listen to track one from Painting Of A Panic Attack. The song is called “Death Dream”. It seemed like an appropriate place to begin, as it was from this song that the album title was taken. The title, as with the song, is intended as a beautiful depiction of something horrific. The kind of thing you can’t stop looking at, or perhaps listening to, even though it’s rather painful at times. I’ll leave it at that for now.”



Song of the Week:  Kevin Morby “I Have Been to the Mountain”

It’s nice to have former Woods member, Kevin Morby, back on our SOTW for first time since 2014. “I Have Been to the Mountain” is song with significant depth, musically and lyrically.  Initially a high tempered acoustic jam, the song then gets layered throughout.  Pairs nicely to Morbys lyrics that originally set a simple statement, but becomes much more soulful as the track rolls on.